Friday, March 29, 2013

lust list: coffee mugs

I have a Friday morning ritual. Since I'm finished with my posts for the week I get up, grab this mug, fill it with french roast and catch up on the heaping pile of magazines that I have collected over the last seven days. Seriously, my husband is convinced it's the only type of correspondence I receive. The sun is flowing in our kitchen windows and I get to enjoy some uninterrupted retail daydreaming. It's pure bliss. 

One thing that makes this time just a tiny bit more enjoyable is having a pretty mug in my hand. Here are a few of my current favorites: 

via {on sale} 

Hope your weekend is full of sunshine and caffeine. 


Thursday, March 28, 2013

little black book: Copper + Walnut

I've been dropping a lot of hints lately. From products that I mention are "coming soon" to the {sneak peek} in my sidebar, something big is looming. Instead of interviewing an inspirational person this week I wanted to share a bit more about where Copper + Walnut is heading.

We plan to be more than an online store. Our virtual collection will feature hand picked and custom products that you can't find in the retail market. Aside from offering pretty things there will be one unique element that sets us apart: educating our customer. Whether it's tips and tricks on how to place a sofa in your family room or a scale drawing of a chair, we are passionate about making sure your hard earned money is spent on pieces that are right for you.

Someone recently asked me what I wanted C+W to be when it grew up. Without thinking too hard I quickly answered, "I'd like it to become the J. Crew of furniture." I know that is a bit of a lofty goal, but the sentiment is accurate. At a baseline the fashion powerhouse is a fusion of quality + style. They have mastered blending classic silhouettes with modern, trendy fabrics and their accessories complete and personalize a look.

Combine those two elements and you have our mission:

Copper + Walnut will specialize in well-made, classic furniture that can be customized and modernized by our fresh, on-trend fabrics and accessories. In conjunction with the blog our virtual collection will feature educational elements that ensure you are purchasing a piece right for your space, your style and your lifestyle. 

I hope you are as excited as I am about where we are headed!  


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

phDesign: and the winner is...


From emails to phone calls to the poll, coral floral was a heavy favorite. Thank you to everyone who participated and voiced their opinions and my apologies to those that were having technical difficulties with the poll. I will try to work the bugs out before soliciting your advice again.

 I knew it was fate when I came across a pair of these fabulous chevron blankets yesterday. 
What can I say? Meant. To. Be.  

Stay tuned for a post on the finished product! 


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

phDesign: twin bed guest room

My husband and I are SUPER excited about having some incredible houseguests this coming month. Three of our favorite couples are coming to visit us here in Texas and we want to make sure our house is ready. When we initially moved to Texas one of our first purchases was a new king bed, allowing us to use my almost-new queen for our guest room. 

One queen isn't going to cut it. We knew we needed to turn our 3rd bedroom into a guest room until we decide to have kids but we didn't want to invest in another huge bed. We compromised with twin beds so that we can eventually turn them into a daybed with a trundle and/or our children can sleep on them. Since this room is going to serve multiple purposes over the years we can't over decorate or over spend. 

Time to find some inspiration. It's no secret I'm in love with wallpaper and with white walls and cream carpet we NEED some pattern and color in this room. I am loving the way this (above) twin bedroom utilizes pattern without having to paper the entire room. Twin headboards aren't in the budget so I need to get creative. 

Here's what I have for the room so far:  

{mercury glass gold+silver lamp, similar} 

{monogram RH standard shams in celery}

{circular gold mini mirror, similar} 

{wood night stand, similar}

During my trip to Chicago I stopped in a Paper Source and was immediately inspired by all of the incredible patterns and colors of their fine paper. It's not wallpaper but could easily be used with wallpaper adhesive on a board to mimic the look (get ready for a DIY post in a few weeks). I'm really having trouble deciding what pattern to use, so I need your help. 



{coral floral}

{fun fucshia}

{coral dot} 

Which one do you like best?   Cast your vote below! 


Monday, March 25, 2013

product profile: cocktail table accessories

I had such a wonderful trip to the windy city. I always underestimate how refreshing a new environment and change of pace can be. It also helped that I was surrounded by some of my dearest friends. I feel renewed, inspired and excited to be home.

Recently, I've started focusing on the next "layer" of our house. The first layers are the big substantial pieces like seating and tables. The second layer is all about character. From artwork to trays to vases these are the accessories that really begin to showcase your personal style.

My current focus is on finding items to dress up our cocktail table. For inspiration I often turn to magazines and blogs, but most recently a home tour on Glitter Guide caught my eye. Catt Sadler from E! News opened up her home and I was immediately drawn to her neutral, minimalist style with touches of glam.  When it comes to accessories I am a firm believer in splurging on a few pieces you can't live without and then filling in with budget items. I also love to mix designer with retail.

It just so happens that a few items Catt chose will soon be available to purchase right here on Copper + Walnut, so below you will find those items as well as a few of my favorite retail pieces for a neutral, glam cocktail table.

 both via 

{coming soon to Copper + Walnut}

 {coming soon to Copper + Walnut}

Happy Monday!


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Merch mart: highlights

I had so much fun in Chicago. You know you're in the right business when work feels like play time. There was a ton to see at the Mart and since it was snow-raining (yes, that is a word in the midwest) outside I was happy to take my time. Here are a few highlights from my trip:

Absolutely love all of the color. It's so nice to be met with bright, cheerful hues when you come in from the cold and gray. Also saw a lot of black and white for spring. I am thinking about that chevron box for our cocktail table- a perfect hiding place for ugly tv remotes!

Couldn't get enough metallic tones and neutrals. Brass and gold are popular and neutrals done in a textured fabric to add interest were my favorite.

I even paid attention to the small stuff. I want the collection at Copper + Walnut to stand out as one that concentrates on the details. From superior furniture construction to character-enhancing accessories, I shall leave no stone unturned! Now, back to warm and sunny Texas.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Merch Mart: Chicago

I am traveling this week and enjoying a full day at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago. It's like a candy store for adults. I'm having the best time sitting, touching, ooooing and ahhhhhing over all the gorgeous furniture. I am doing all the research I can to make sure anything we offer at C+W is the best quality available. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it *wink.*

So, please excuse the sporadic and out of order posts the next few days. I will be back to a normal schedule by Thursday. I could really get used to this office space...