Monday, February 27, 2012

our house

The day has finally arrived. Steve and I are now officially Texas home owners! My husband and I purchased a lot in a builder-neighborhood and face the enormous challenge of creating a unique and marketable property to sell at a premium in four years (thank you, United States Army). Anyone who knows me knows that I strongly oppose cookie cutter homes and plain vanilla builders. Both seem to be the norm in our price range down here which results in a very uninspired real estate market. While I appreciate the rustic, beige, earthy vibe that is standard in San Antonio our style tends to be more ecclectic and refined. Finding the happy medium between these two will be my greatest challenge!

On the flip side, talk about being lucky. We get to customize our home (within the builder's guidelines, of course) from the ground up and did I mention it will be energy star efficient? We are very blessed to have this opportunity and I look forward to the challenge of creating a place my husband and I are proud of.

I am kicking off the Copper + Walnut blog with this news beacuse I think it could be a valuable process for our readers to follow. Unless you have the money to purchase a lot outright and hire an architect (I'm jealous) you are left turning to builders and their pre-established neighborhoods to get into a brand new home. While this is not the most lux option out there it can be budget friendly without sacrificing quality or style.

My mission, as I have chosen to accept it, is to prove that with a little extra work in the right areas I can create an aestheitcally unique and sophisticated home with profit potential in a cookie-cutter, plain vanilla, builder neighborhood.

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