Tuesday, May 14, 2013

collection launch date

When I began my professional career in finance I never dreamed I would be launching a furniture collection a few years later. Life has a funny way of keeping me on my toes and in this case I couldn't be happier. After pouring my heart and soul into this endeavor I an elated to announce our official launch date: Summer 2013!

Here are a few highlights from the 2013 Copper + Walnut Collection: 
  • over 10 sofa silhouettes
  • chairs in all shapes and sizes
  • 3 collections of fabric to choose from 
  • 6 wood finish options 
  • handpicked accessories 

The goal is to give our clients the ability to customize designer quality furniture. You will personalize the piece with details and fabrics and we will ensure that it is made to our specified level of comfort and craftsmanship. I am more than thrilled to launch this summer and hope you will excuse the absence of blog posts as we prepare. 

Happy Tuesday! 


Friday, May 10, 2013

lust list: mothers day

This week's Lust List is all about Mom. Instead of putting together a list of things you should buy her {because let's be honest, you're basically out of time if you've waited until today} I put together a list of fun things to do together on Mother's Day. I, unfortunately, won't get the opportunity to spend the weekend with my Mom so I'm going to vicariously live through all of you. 

1. Have a professional snap some pictures of you and your Mom. You'll be so glad to have captured another moment in time together. 

2. Go for a walk. Get outside, enjoy the spring air and get some exercise. You'll realize it's not often you get uninterrupted time like this together. If I were home this would begin with a few laps around a lake and end with a delicious sticky bun!

3. Make a meal together. My Mom is a wonderful cook and I always enjoy making something together that reminds me of my childhood.

4. Go shopping together. My Mom is my very best shopping partner and even when I'm not on a mission to purchase I like hearing her opinions and having that one on one time.

5. Get matching haircuts. 
just kidding. 

However you decide to celebrate your Mom this weekend, enjoy! 

Love you Mom. 


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Thursday, May 9, 2013

my apologies

My deepest apologies, I am currently getting over a migraine and will be back tomorrow.