Wednesday, October 3, 2012

glitter guide

"My house, like my wardrobe, features a mix of high-end statement pieces and thrift store finds, vintage and modern, and unexpected color combinations."

-Marlien Rentmeester

For fashion trends and interior design tips one of my favorite blogs to follow is the fresh, and sparkly, Glitter Guide. Fashion and design are such personal forms of expression, it's only natural that they intertwine. I'm obsessed with the "style at home" segment because it features insight and advice from highly successful, inspirational women in tandem with photographs of their living spaces. Presenting a relatable departure from the glossy pages of styled magazine spreads, the homes manage to be both functional and tres chic. The feature this week is no exception.

It's not often that I come across someone whose personal style and interior design approach are so in tune with my own. Phillip Lim has never personally complimented my jewelry and I might not have the guts to put leopard carpet in my guest room (yet)  but it's always reassuring to have a design philosophy in common with someone so talented.  As the west coast editor of Lucky Magazine, Marlien Rentmeester is know for her eclectic taste "mixing Zara and Marni, Topshop and vintage designer." Combining old with new and vintage with couture is a look I personally strive to achieve and am consistently in awe of those who master it effortlessly.

As if Marlien wasn't fabulous enough, she also has her own fashion blog

If I had to define the style I am aiming for in our home it would be very similar to Marlien's. Rather that following a strict color scheme her home appears to be collected; almost as if each piece has its own story.

To me this house represents the perfect balance: comfortable and casual enough for everyday family living yet chic enough to throw an adult-only dinner party on a whim.

...and I wasn't kidding about the leopard carpet.

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