Monday, May 6, 2013

product profile: The Kate Sofa

I don't like running.

Man, if feels good to get that out! I want to like running. I want to be that cute, skinny girl who stands in line at Starbucks and while ordering a frappuccino talks about the amazing twelve mile run she just went on. That will just never be me. I like to work out and would even consider myself relatively athletic so this weekend I set out to find that elusive exercise that is both effective and enjoyable. Enter Crossfit. I attended a free hour-long class and after my windpipe stopped burning and I regained feeling in my legs I was hooked.

How in the world does this relate to furniture and design, you ask? It doesn't really. Other than the fact that I woke up Sunday morning and could barely move. It was that "good" sore feeling where you know you pushed your body just enough to get results but not enough to cause severe injury. Needless to say I was out of commission most of the day and found the most comfortable spot in our house to recuperate:

Introducing the first sofa in our Copper + Walnut collection: Kate. This was the first piece of "real" furniture that I purchased upon graduating college and after 5 moves, three states and too many movies to count this is still one of the most comfortable pieces we own. 

{above left} in my Minneapolis condo
{above right} in our first Texas apartment
{below} in our second Texas apartment

It's curved, tight back gives it a unique custom look that could be paired with formal or more casual decor. It seats two generously and three if necessary but is down right heaven for one...sprawled out...with a cozy blanket. 

I can't wait to share more exciting news about the Copper + Walnut Collection as the week progresses! 



K Stalls said...

Yay!!!!! So excited to see more of the collection but what a great piece to start out with.

P.S. Nikki is a Cross Fit veteran if you want any tips!


Copper + Walnut said...

Thanks K!! Yes I will absolutely get tips from Nik, she is a crossfit rockstar :) btw, Happy Early Birthday!!!!