Tuesday, May 7, 2013

phDesign: inspired by menswear

Hello menswear. I talk a lot about women's fashion inspiring design so today I wanted to make sure the men knew I hadn't forgotten about them. At Market this year we saw a lot of masculine style translated into incredible furniture pieces! This can be an awesome way for couples to infuse their living space with furniture both people will like without sacrificing sophistication or design. Here are a few of my favorites: 

These gorgeous chests are perfect for his + her nightstands. Argyle can be an androgynous pattern and with the addition of the mirrored sections it's clear which piece is "hers." Not to mention, and I'll save my rant for another post, I am super tired of nightstands that don't have any storage. These would give you plenty of room and have large enough surface areas to hide your iphone+ipad+laptop cords, display pictures + accessories and still leave room for a pair of lamps. 

This wardrobe is the epitome of man. Part of the Alexander Julian collection, the stripes and houndstooth give it the perfect testosterone touch without making it overly bulky or style-less. The houndstooth chest also comes solo and could be a fun addition to a bar area, entryway or office. 

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These lacquered side tables were my favorite and would also be perfect for his + her nightstands. Available in a myriad of colors the details, from the button inspired knobs to the pinstripe drawer interior, were impeccable. Just like the tailoring of a man's suit!  Notice how the knobs even mimic the buttons of a suit jacket, getting closer together as they move down the piece. I love it.


This mirror is actually bone inlay, not a pattern painted over the wood. Pretty unique and incredible for a men's locker room or my husband's dream closet after we win the lottery.

Hope the men enjoyed their shout out today! 


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